Book Release: Handprint of God – Newsletter – October 2017

Forty years ago, God moved upon Hopewell Mennonite Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania. This revival resulted in thousands of people putting their faith in Jesus, and became the foundation of what is now the Hopewell Network.

The Handprint of God: History of the Hopewell Network, written by Pastor Lester Zimmerman and Lisa Betz, traces the spiritual line which God drew through generations of his people. It is a map which connects our origins with the church today, weaving together the lives and stories of those God called to follow him.

Everyone who is a part of the Hopewell Network flows in the spiritual legacy God established. The prophetic promises planted in the past continue to produce fruit in the present. If you are unfamiliar with the history of Hopewell, this book will serve as a bucket with which you can draw from the well of faith God dug those many years ago.

The Handprint of God: History of the Hopewell Network is available through Amazon or by contacting the Hopewell Network Office at 717-354-5394.

By Pastor Bill Beck,

Spring City


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