The Hopewell Network has a missionary call from God to plant churches. As a network we have been called to reproduce churches that have a Hopewell imprint.

Before the Hopewell Network will consider any potential church planters, the potential church planter must:

  1. Process his call with his pastor.
  2. Receive the blessing from the sponsoring church.
  3. Be prepared to wait for God’s timing; we recommend being part of a Hopewell Network Church for a year before planting a church.

Before giving approval for a Hopewell Network-sponsored church plant, we will expect that a church planter will successfully complete the following:

  1. Complete the Hopewell Network Pastoral Screening Process.
  2. Complete a church planter assessment behavior interview and personal review of assessment.
  3. Take the Introduction to Church Planting class or other training offered by the Network. As part of the church planting course and coaching, the proposed church planter will:
    1. Become familiar with our history, values, and vision.
    2. Outline his vision and values for the new church based on the spiritual stream of our network.
    3. Communicate and network with other area churches.
    4. Develop a written plan of action or strategy for the new church.

Before receiving any financial support, the proposed church planter will:

  1. Develop a support system (prayer, coaching, team finances).
  2. Have a sponsoring church or churches.
  3. Have a financial plan based on Hopewell Network Policy.

All Hopewell Network church planters will:

  1. Agree to build upon the Hopewell Network vision and values.
  2. Be committed to Hopewell Network pastoral relationships.
  3. Agree to use the Hopewell Network Bylaws as a model for church government.