Harvest Time in Thailand – Newsletter – May 2017

God continues to bring in the harvest among the Isaan people of Thailand! In the past year, more than a dozen new believers have been baptized at

CityLights Church, Hopewell’s church plant in Thailand, and God’s Spirit is at work in significant ways bringing growth and transformation in the lives of some of the new believers.

Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director, and Scott Hurst, Petra Church’s Prayer Ministry Director, traveled to Thailand in February and launched the first in a series of CityLights’ school of ministry trainings for those hungry to grow in their faith and walk with God. Eight potential/emerging leaders participated in that training, focused on the Ministry and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We praise God that Sarah Eby, from Petra Church, has responded to God’s call to a one-year assignment to assist Nacho & Merrilee Barrera with the homeschooling of their children. She is in the midst of training and support-raising, with the goal of departure for Thailand this summer.

We would love to talk with you about ways that God can use you to impact the Isaan people for eternity!

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or missions@hopewellnetwork.org

More workers are needed for this harvest field. How is God calling you to be involved?

  • Additional prayer and financial partners are needed.
  • There are opportunities for short-term mission involvements. A team of young adults went to Thailand from April 26 – May 6 to assist with CityLights’ youth camp outreach. We anticipate sending more short-term teams in the coming year(s) to assist with various aspects of CityLights’ ministry.
  • We also are looking for persons to join the long-term church planting team to:
  • Assist with leadership training/coaching
  • Use a profession, such as teaching English, as a means of service and outreach
  • Serve in other support roles

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or missions@hopewellnetwork.org

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director


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