Hopewell Network Summer Camps – Newsletter – October 2018

The Hopewell Summer Camps once again provided an outstanding time of fun and spiritual life for children and youth. In June, our Senior High camp saw 66 campers in attendance. In July, we reached 118 Junior Highers—a new camp attendance record! In August, 105 children filled the ranks.

The camp theme this year focused on “Hallowed Ground,” with Matthew 6:9 as our theme text: “May Your Name be kept holy.”


As has been the case for nearly three decades, we endeavored to impart to the young people meaty, biblically-sound doctrine. We desire that they have good solid teaching upon which they can have Holy Spirit encounters and experiences in response. And respond they did . . . via a plethora of speakers, they heard messages re: the cross, faith versus fear, praise: a weapon in spiritual warfare, the lack of access to God in the Old Testament versus free access to all via the blood of Christ, why bad things happen to God’s people, the four soils, and judgment day.


We were once again dumbfounded as we listened to the camper testimonies on the last day of camp as by one estimate 85 percent of the campers who shared said the teaching re: judgment day affected them the most! And these were children! One counselor told me later why he believed this was so: “Children want to know the truth and the future.”


The Spirit of the Lord always honors us with his deep, rich, sweet presence at those gatherings of God’s people where the truth is preached. The Lord Jesus Christ is the center of Camp. And this summer proved no different. Once again, not only did that small chapel, a.k.a., “Hemlock Hall,” become “Hallowed Ground,” but one counselor said the entire campground became this because of God’s manifest presence.

All of the above was interspersed with gobs of fun too . . . various activities and classes comprised of sports, ceramics, cartoon drawing, movie-making, Bible study methods and quizzing, horses, fishing, and boating, etc. An airplane dropping candy from the sky (piloted by a former camper) was a highlight. The Time Machine, out of which came “Pontius Pilate” in the two older camps and “Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen,” the discoverer of x-rays, in the kids camp, a “robot,” Bible games, puppets, costumed characters, etc. We indeed experienced “Heaven on Earth” in a very tangible way as we convened upon the hallowed ground of Tel Hai Camp.


By Michael “Guerty” Guertin, Hopewell Summer Camps

Pastoral Director


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