• Meets the qualifications set forth in the Network manual and the vision of the ministry is embraced by the Network Apostolic Team.
  • Has an active board that embraces the Hopewell Network values and carries personal liability. The Network has authority over the board and can help define vision.

Status Benefits:

  • Benefit of full Apostolic oversight, counsel and network participation.
  • Benefit of the Network being available to assist the leader/ministry in times of transition.  (Assets forwarded to the Network if the ministry is dissolved.)
  • Benefit of materials, training, fellowship and mission opportunities.
  • Benefit of linking with other ministries and possible ministry opportunities.
  • Benefit of the primary leader attending and supporting the Network meetings as much as their schedule allows. Also invited to attend para-church group leaders meetings.
  • Benefit of member discounts for events.
  • Benefit of credentials. The primary leader is credentialed by the Network. In some cases, the role might not require credentials.
  • Benefit of posting a ministry link and information on our website.

Status Requirements:

  • Provide adequate communication with the proper representative of the Network.
  • Provide the Network with an annual report of the ministry’s activities, progress, and general health, including a financial report when applicable.
  • Commits to tithe one half to the Network and one half to their local church.