India Wedding Hall Project – Newsletter – May 2018

The Rays of Peace Network (the Hopewell Network in India) is developing income-producing projects to provide financial support for their network vision of equipping pastors, starting churches, and ministering to persons on the margins of society (children’s homes, a home for women, etc.).

The Rays of Peace Network has developed a wedding hall. The wedding hall, on the Chellikere church property, is being rented for birthday parties, as well. The wedding hall has begun to generate a good income stream for the network. They are also renting the facility to an English language church for an afternoon service which gives them regular income.

At the same time that the wedding hall is providing an income stream, it is also a great blessing to their community. The wedding hall is rented for wedding receptions and birthday parties at about half of the cost of other wedding halls. This provides a service for their community and creates favor for the ministry.

Mark Jayakumar, apostolic leader of the Rays of Peace network, is exploring other income-producing options. The next project is a retreat center across the street from their children’s home in Sasalu. The retreat center will provide a place for pastors’ meetings and network events like their extended fasting. The retreat center would be rented to other church groups for their retreats and events. There is a great need for such a facility and will be well used.

By Pastor Allan Yoder, Good Shepherd Community


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