Installation of Apostolic Team in India – Newsletter – May 2018

An apostolic team was set in place for the Rays of Peace Network at their annual Pastors’ Conference in February. The Apostolic Team is led by Mark Jayakumar and includes their three regional apostles.

Like Mark Jayakumar, the three regional apostles are also pastors. All three have great servant hearts and have given leadership in their regions of Rays of Peace for many years.

Kanakaraj Jayakumar is the apostolic leader in the Chennai region. Kanakaraj is a church planter who had been employed by World Vision. Kanakaraj and his wife Glory also lead a children’s home. Kanakaraj and Glory are high-level intercessors.

David Rudrappa is the apostolic leader in the North Karnataka region. David is a church planter and the pastor of two churches. The North Karnataka region is extremely resistant to the gospel and the pastors have paid a great price for preaching the gospel. David never had the opportunity to go to school but is strong in the Word and God’s anointing.

Sushil Kumar Khora is the apostolic leader in the State of Orissa. Sushil is a church planter and he and his wife lead the children’s home of the orphans of martyred Christians (from the tragedy in 2008).

Mark Jayakumar continues to give oversight to the ministries in the Bangalore area in addition to giving leadership to the network.

By Pastor Allan Yoder, Good Shepherd Community


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