Current opportunities for involvement with Hopewell Asia Missions include:

Pray for Hopewell Asia Missions:

Through prayer, you can have a vital role in helping to bring spiritual transformation to Thailand.

You can be involved in the Hopewell Asia 24/7 Prayer Initiative by praying half-an-hour each week or one day each month for Thailand and the Hopewell Asia Mission efforts.  To sign up to pray for the 24/7 Prayer Initiative, click here.

If you would like to pray for Hopewell Asia Missions but do not want to commit to a specific time slot with the 24/7 Prayer Intiative, please click here to sign up as a general prayer partner.

For more information about the 24/7 Prayer Initiative, click on the video here.


For an overview of the history of Hopewell Asia Missions, click here.