Remembering Heidi Kolb – Newsletter – October 2017

On August 1, 2017, Heidi Kolb graduated to her eternal home with her beloved Savior Jesus. Heidi had been diagnosed with cancer in May 2016, but she pressed through fear and pain and kept life as normal as possible, attempting things that astounded everyone around her. Rather than allowing it to make her bitter, the sweetness of her life grew with every passing month. She learned to truly rest in God’s love.

Mission work was her passion, and she was committed to fulfilling God’s call. At Heidi’s insistence, she and her husband, Joel, were on their way to Thailand with their two youngest children to visit missionaries.  Her health was declining, but she believed that healing would come as she walked in obedience to God.  The first leg of the journey was already too much.  They decided to hold in Japan and get medical help.  “Trust Jesus” were the words she spoke over and over throughout the journey. Heidi passed away peacefully in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

Heidi taught us many things over the past year . . . to laugh and enjoy each day, even with a terminal illness. To trust that Jesus is good, even when our eyes do not see the evidence of what we think is good. To let our light shine to those around us, even when we ourselves are suffering. She taught us courage. She taught us the importance of relationships. She taught us not to be afraid of death. She taught us to “trust Jesus” to the very end.

By Pastor Anita Malizzi,

Hopewell Telford


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