The Hopewell Network of Churches is a fellowship of churches and leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit to locally and globally advance Christ’s Kingdom together.


Our vision is to be an Apostolic Network where we partner together to raise up and prepare leaders who can build and multiply contemporary New Testament-oriented churches.


We are building together around commion vision and values to reach the harvest around us.  The Network is funded through the churches that give 2-5% of their annual budget, through senior pastors who give their 10% tithe, through other credentialed five-fold leaders who give 5% of their tithe, and through those who partner with us.


To invest in the mission of the Hopewell Network, foward your financial suppor to  Hopewell Network of Churches, 565 Airport Road, New Holland, PA  17557.



Partnership Investment:


Congregational contributions to the Hopewell Network of Churches are used in the following ways:


1.  Apostolic Team Ministry.  Contributions help release the needed leadership to lead the Network forward into the future with fresh vision.  Your partnership gifts enable the apostolic team to give more to the vision and care of the Network churches and leaders, and take the Network to the next level.


2.  New Church Grants.  New churches have received start-up grants.  Congregational giving to the Network will assist the Hopewell Network of Churches to start additional churches for which we would provide coaching and grants.


3.  International Networks.  There are multiple International Hopewell Networks and your gifts enable us to minister internationally in various ways.


4.  Church Revitalization.   A number of Hopewell Network congregations have been blessed by Network personnel as they have gone through transitions.  Congregational giving to the Network allows us to assist congregations through those transitions.


5.  Mission–Thailand.  God has called the Hopewell Network of Churches to reach this unreached people group in Thailand.  We desire to see the Isaan people walking in relationship with Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit to Thailand and spreading to the nations.


6.  Joint Ventures.  Some joint ventures that currently receive funding from the Hopewell Network of Churches include the summer camp and the meeting of humanitarian needs.  Congregational giving to the Network make it possible to invest in additional joint ventures.


7.  Resourcing.  Congregational giving enables us to provide various types of resourcing to benefit the churches.  Presently we provide an annual conference for pastors and leaders, cluster support groups, regular pastors and leaders meetings, and apostolic ministry to the Network.  We also provide Network Intercessor support to strengthen the various ministries in each church.