Short Term Mission Team in Thailand – Newsletter – October 2018

In mid-January, a team was formed to serve on a short-term missions trip to Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand. I was part of the team. God gave me a vision that said, “Go volunteer to Thailand.” I didn’t have the money, but I took my step of faith, applied to be part of the team, and saw God provide miraculously.

The team members were Jasmine Martin, Chase Glick, Marlin Fisher, Taylor Martin, and our leader, Ken Reinford. We had four basic training sessions for our trip which allowed us to get to know each other as a team.

On April 25, we flew to Thailand. We met City Lights church, which is made up of mostly youth; they’re amazing.  Listening to each testimony of these young people impacted us all.

For many of us it was the first time going on a missions to Asia; in fact, it was my first time going on missions. God spoke to us as a team in different ways: in dreams and the interpretation of those dreams, in discerning of spirits, etc.

We learned how to flow in the Holy Spirit together. And, personally, God confirmed a calling I have to Thailand. Just the fact that I was standing in Ubon Ratchathani was already a confirmation for me.

Right now I’m in Mexico City, where I live, and I’m praying and preparing myself at my church (AFC) for when God confirms the time for my return to missions to Thailand.

By Shanti Avendaño,                   age 19


Strategic Next Steps in Thailand – Newsletter – May 2018

Nearly 13 years ago, the Hopewell Network leaders discerned God’s call to missions among the Isaan people, Thailand’s second-largest unreached people group. The vision God gave was to plant multiple, reproducing fellowships of believers among the Isaan people, leading to a church planting movement throughout Thailand and surrounding nations.

Over the past four years, we have seen God’s Spirit drawing Isaan people to himself at CityLights Church, Hopewell’s first church plant in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. As we look ahead to the vision God has set before us, we recognize that we will need to register a Thailand foundation (nonprofit organization) to grant legal status with the Thai government that is needed for the ongoing development and expansion of the ministry.

Having our own foundation in Thailand will enable us to own property, issue visa work permits for Hopewell missionaries, receive donations in Thailand, hire staff, establish various ministries/ organizations under the foundation, and open branch offices throughout Thailand—all for the purpose of reaching more Isaan people with the Gospel. In recent months, we met with a Christian attorney in Thailand to explore the process of registering a Hopewell Thailand Foundation. The registration process will likely take a year or more to complete.

Would you like to be part of this strategic, next step in the development of Hopewell’s ministry in Thailand?

Please join us in praying:

  • For God’s leading in the selection of the right Thai board members for the foundation.
  • For financial provision of the $10,000 USD needed to complete the registration process.
  • For God’s favor with Thai government officials responsible for approving the registration.

To contribute toward this need, send contributions earmarked “Hopewell Thailand Foundation” payable to:

Hopewell Network

565 Airport Rd.

New Holland, PA 17557

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director


Thailand Youth Camp Ministry Trip – Newsletter – October 2017

On April 26, our Petra Church team of six headed to Thailand for ten days of serving and loving on the Thai people. We flew into Bangkok, but then headed up to Ubon Ratchathani, where Nacho and Merrilee Barrera and their family live.

Nacho and Merrilee were sent from Petra a little over three years ago to serve with Hopewell Asia Missions among an unreached people group called the Isaan. They have been planting a church called CityLights Church and have been raising up and discipling the younger generation of Thai/Isaan people to walk with the Lord.

While we were there we got to partner with their ministry and our team held a youth camp for the young leaders and young people in the church. We did a lot of worship and games with them. We spent a lot of time loving on the youth through playing soccer, volley ball and Frisbee, and having spontaneous times of worship and dancing. Although there was a strong language barrier and communication between us and the Thai people was very limited, I think our team as a whole would agree that we knew we had a bond with these youths through the love of God and love for each other.

We got to witness two salvations; it was such an amazing celebration and joy to see these hearts transformed. We were also able to witness three baptisms. The baptisms were very powerful because Nacho and Merrilee let a Thai/Isaan couple they have been discipling baptize the people. Nacho and Merrilee are allowing God to flow through them, and he is moving in mighty ways in Thailand. He is expanding his base of influence in the hearts of the people in Thailand and it will grow to reach far beyond what we got to see in our short time there.

By Emily Nolt,

Thailand Team Participant


New Thailand Team Members – Newsletter – November 2017

Kristina Beiler of Petra recently completed a three-month mission internship, assisting with CityLights youth ministry and teaching music.

Another mission intern, Sarah Eby, also of Petra, is preparing to begin a one-year assignment this fall to assist the Barrera family with homeschooling.

We plan to send another Youth Camp Team from April 25–May 6, 2018.

If you have interest in serving in Thailand, short-term or long-term, contact Dwane at: 717-354-5394 or

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director


Harvest Time in Thailand – Newsletter – May 2017

God continues to bring in the harvest among the Isaan people of Thailand! In the past year, more than a dozen new believers have been baptized at

CityLights Church, Hopewell’s church plant in Thailand, and God’s Spirit is at work in significant ways bringing growth and transformation in the lives of some of the new believers.

Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director, and Scott Hurst, Petra Church’s Prayer Ministry Director, traveled to Thailand in February and launched the first in a series of CityLights’ school of ministry trainings for those hungry to grow in their faith and walk with God. Eight potential/emerging leaders participated in that training, focused on the Ministry and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We praise God that Sarah Eby, from Petra Church, has responded to God’s call to a one-year assignment to assist Nacho & Merrilee Barrera with the homeschooling of their children. She is in the midst of training and support-raising, with the goal of departure for Thailand this summer.

We would love to talk with you about ways that God can use you to impact the Isaan people for eternity!

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or

More workers are needed for this harvest field. How is God calling you to be involved?

  • Additional prayer and financial partners are needed.
  • There are opportunities for short-term mission involvements. A team of young adults went to Thailand from April 26 – May 6 to assist with CityLights’ youth camp outreach. We anticipate sending more short-term teams in the coming year(s) to assist with various aspects of CityLights’ ministry.
  • We also are looking for persons to join the long-term church planting team to:
  • Assist with leadership training/coaching
  • Use a profession, such as teaching English, as a means of service and outreach
  • Serve in other support roles

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director