Thailand Youth Camp Ministry Trip – Newsletter – October 2017

On April 26, our Petra Church team of six headed to Thailand for ten days of serving and loving on the Thai people. We flew into Bangkok, but then headed up to Ubon Ratchathani, where Nacho and Merrilee Barrera and their family live.

Nacho and Merrilee were sent from Petra a little over three years ago to serve with Hopewell Asia Missions among an unreached people group called the Isaan. They have been planting a church called CityLights Church and have been raising up and discipling the younger generation of Thai/Isaan people to walk with the Lord.

While we were there we got to partner with their ministry and our team held a youth camp for the young leaders and young people in the church. We did a lot of worship and games with them. We spent a lot of time loving on the youth through playing soccer, volley ball and Frisbee, and having spontaneous times of worship and dancing. Although there was a strong language barrier and communication between us and the Thai people was very limited, I think our team as a whole would agree that we knew we had a bond with these youths through the love of God and love for each other.

We got to witness two salvations; it was such an amazing celebration and joy to see these hearts transformed. We were also able to witness three baptisms. The baptisms were very powerful because Nacho and Merrilee let a Thai/Isaan couple they have been discipling baptize the people. Nacho and Merrilee are allowing God to flow through them, and he is moving in mighty ways in Thailand. He is expanding his base of influence in the hearts of the people in Thailand and it will grow to reach far beyond what we got to see in our short time there.

By Emily Nolt,

Thailand Team Participant


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