Wedding Dresses, Happy Couples, Kingdom Love Extended – Newsletter – May 2018

Pastor Lesly Bertrand, Apostolic Overseer of the Grace Assemblies Churches in Haiti, extends his sincere thanks for all the wedding dresses which the Hopewell Network collected and shipped to aid them in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Many couples in Haiti do not have the resources for a wedding dress and are therefore unable to get married.  The wedding dresses, which were distributed among the various churches, have been a great blessing to reach the people with the love of God and to strengthen the family units.

From February 9-14, 2018, the Grace Assemblies Ladies Missionary Group went to St. Jean du Sud, in the southern part of Haiti, for an outreach missions trip to evangelize and support the churches which were devastated in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew.  Through their evangelistic outreach they saw 15 people commit their lives to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and 12 of them were baptized in water in the name of the Lord.

Because of the donations of the wedding dresses from the Hopewell Network, the Ladies Missionary Group had the opportunity to plan a wedding ceremony for five couples who previously were living together without being married.

The wedding dresses continue to have a far-reaching impact as couples are joined together in the covenant of marriage in Christ with much joy and celebration! Thank you for sowing good seed into good soil for a good harvest in Haiti!

By Pastor Anita Malizzi, Hopewell Christian, Telford


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