Korean Church Plant – Newsletter – October 2015

Greetings Hopewell Network—I am Pastor Jacob Kim, a Korean Outreach Pastor at Hopewell Christian Fellowship in Telford, PA.   My wife and I, after a long time of seeking the Lord, started a Korean group in April 2015. We meet with this group three times a week to worship together, and we are currently working to plant a new church.

We pray that the church which we are planting will not be just another church, but one that is essential to this greater Telford/Souderton/Harleysville region. We pray that it can be filled with the Holy Spirit and, in turn, bring joy to God.  Our vision is to be a place of Spirit-filled worship and a ministry of hope and healing to the hearts of people like that of the Hopewell Church.

The Korean Outreach seeks to spread this vision by beginning fellowship groups in the Korean language and culture which embody the values of the Hopewell Network of Churches.

Another Korean group also contacted me some time ago and asked if I would come and minister to them. The group consists of ten married couples and two single women. I am preaching to them three times a week, teaching one-on-one, and counseling them.


My short-term goal is helping and serving those who need help spiritually. That means I am cultivating a core group which may eventually become a church plant.  We are going to begin another small group soon. We are still refining the vision of our own group, and we are making various plans for our groups to work together.

I am thankful to have been able to start this ministry through God’s grace. God led me to the path, and God works through me.  Hallelujah!

By Pastor Jacob Kim


Hopewell Summer Camp – Newsletter – October 2015

The theme of Hopewell Summer Camps this year was “SHOWTIME”, taken from Jn.14: 21B; “. . . My Father will love them, & I will come & show Myself to them.”

Typically, as the week of camp progresses, Jesus “shows” Himself to us more and more via the preached Word and His Spirit’s presence. I asked the assigned speakers to proclaim “the excellencies of Him Who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.” I Pet.2:9  My ache was that Jesus manifest Himself, i.e. “show Himself” to us at camp.

In addition to the many on-site administrative, counseling, and support staff, the Lord sent us a  “cavalry” of helpers.  With the various staff God gave this year, He caused them all to rise to the occasion of the numerous and various challenges we faced in ministering to young people. It is one of the most beautiful aspects of God’s Kingdom to me—His multi-faceted, gifted people all coming together for one purpose.

As the week progressed, we pursued the campers’ enemies, wielding the Word, prayer, and much personal care upon them.  On Friday morning, when we had the campers share what God did in and for them through the week, it made it all worth it. Testimonies, tears, confessions, releases, the love of God abounding among us—this is why I do camp.

My trust is that the Lord will bring understanding to those particular campers at a later time, both directly and through their counselors.  A major goal of mine all of these years in conducting camps is that the campers, years down the road of life, will look back at their camp years, and they will be sweet memories to them.  So many I have heard from through the decades have said just that.


Prayer for Revival – Newsletter – October 2015

Easter morning I heard the words “He is back,” and my response was “who”.  Immediately I heard the words “the Hopewell Angel.“


My mind went to a prophecy and drawing from 1983 of the angels of the Hopewell Churches standing next to Jesus on either side.  The ones immediately next to Jesus were more pronounced and each additional angel beside it was fading, as if they were churches yet to come. But this was not the last time I heard these words; at the following pastors’ meeting, while worshipping, I heard not only the words “he is back” but that He was “the Hopewell Angel of Revival.”

Hopewell Elverson had experienced revival in the 70s and 80s, and out of the revival came a birthing of the Hopewell Network, which continues to expand here in the United States and internationally.

Since Hopewell, Elverson had experienced revival, the longing to see revival again has always been in our hearts.  In 1988 the longing turned to a promise through the scripture in Haggai 2:6-9:  “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.  I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty. ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

Now, here again the Lord was giving us a word that the Hopewell Angel was back and by faith preparing us for what is promised in Haggai that “the glory of this present house will be greater than the former house.”

We have the opportunity to participate in another great move of God that will not only affect our Network but the world.  Let’s join with the Holy Spirit and Christians around the world to pray for revival.  Your prayers can change the world!

By Becky Jones, Hopewell Network Prayer Intercessor



Deaths of Francina and Lucy – Newsletter – October 2015

During the past year we experienced the loss of two key leaders within our international networks.

Francina—wife and ministry partner of Mark Jayakumar, our network apostolic leader in India— passed on to be with the Lord on November 14, 2014.  Francina had a heart for orphaned children and was instrumental in the development of the Victory Children’s Home in Sasalu. Her passion was to provide a godly and healthy environment for the children in the home and to make sure that they knew that they were loved and valued.

Lucy—wife and ministry partner of Patrick Thuo, our network apostolic leader in Kenya—passed on to be with the Lord on June 10, 2015. Lucy had a heart for children who were underserved in education, and was instrumental in the development of the Cornerstone Academy in Nakuru. Her passion was to find ways to provide affordable education and to subsidize the education of those who were unable to afford it.

Two strong women of God. Two partners in an effective apostolic team with their husbands. Two women who left a legacy that will live on for generations. Two mighty influencers for God, gone too soon.

By Allan Yoder, Hopewell Network Apostolic Leader


Grace Assemblies Haiti Network – Newsletter – October 2015

The first Grace Assembly Church was founded in Bellanton, Haiti on December the 5, 1979.  In 1984 the first church building was erected.  It was used as a meeting house and as a school in the community.  Through both the school and the church, many souls came to know Christ and today many of them are pastors and evangelists in Haiti, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, and some others in the Caribbean Islands.

The Grace Assemblies Network has grown to 20 churches, and became a part of the Hopewell Network church during the 2000s.

The major earthquake which occurred on January 12, 2010, damaged the first church building and it could not be used. The church building was broken from its foundation, which made it impossible to be repaired. After the government inspection, it was classified among those to demolish.

Since then, we do not have a church worship place; however, the people never stop coming to worship. There have been large tarps put up to house the people for church. When it rains, we sometimes need to cancel the services.

In 2011 we began the construction of a new, larger building. The walls are up to the full two-story height. We desperately need funds for the roof to finish this first phase of this project.

The goal for this building is as a Disciples Training Center to prepare and equip ministers for the glory of the Kingdom of God. God is moving in many ways in Haiti.

  Our Goal:  Our goal is to raise $35,000 to complete the cost of the roof, which is $40,000.

Our  ministry  puts an  emphasis  on mission, so we want to accomplish the great commission of the Lord through this building. If God touches your heart to help us on this project with a gift of $5,000, $1,000, $500, or $250, or any gift, we will greatly appreciate it. Through your support, the message of the Kingdom of God can continue to be announced through the ministry of Bellanton church, and people will be saved, restored, and healed from the power of darkness. Thank you for accepting this challenge for this cause.

By Pastor Lesly Bertrand, Grace Assemblies, Haiti


Equipping the Harvest – Newsletter – June 2015

In September, Eastgate House of Prayer will celebrate four years of worship, intercession, and ministry in our region. Our goal is to continue to raise up passionate worshippers of Jesus who have intimate knowledge of God and are released to move in the authority he has given us to accomplish the Great Commission.

We have adopted the motto “Encounter Jesus, Pray & Go!” and recognize that the body of Christ is experiencing an incredible shift in the realm of corporate intercession. The days of three elderly ladies travailing in the back room while everyone else goes about their business are over. God is bringing prayer center stage.

If we want to be effective in reaching our communities and the nations, then we must gain his heart and perspective. It’s not when sanctuaries are full that the kingdom of God will come, but when the bowls of incense are full that the kingdom will come! (Rev. 5:8) There is no other means in God’s kingdom by which he releases his power that is more effective or that he uses more often than the intercession of the unified, praying church!

Join us for one of our Tuesday evening equipping services; receive prophetic or healing ministry; or come Treasure Hunting with us.   Check us out at eastgateprayer.com or find us on Facebook.

By Kara Sensenig, Director, Eastgate House of Prayer

Equipping the Harvest


InSTEP Ministries International – Newsletter – June 2015

InSTEP Ministries International emerged out of our (Darryl and Joyce Henson’s) travels to Russia and Eastern Europe since 1997.  We co-founded InSTEP Ministries International in 2008 with a vision to support, train, encourage, and provide resources to pastors and the churches they serve.  In January 2009, Darryl left his position as Associate Pastor of Petra Christian Fellowship and we began to travel and minister on a full-time basis.

The emphasis for this ministry is to provide spiritual and personal guidance and care to pastors and church leaders.  Our intention is to help church leaders stay “in step” with the Holy Spirit.  We believe that as we help the leaders to grow and be strong in the Spirit, they will lead well, and their churches will be spiritually strong.  We function as Spiritual Father and Mother to many pastors throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.  We also teach church leadership teams and provide spiritual growth seminars to church members.

We presently live in Ukraine but serve in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Albania, and Bulgaria.  We serve about sixteen pastors on a regular basis and others less often via skype or email. We also have a missionary couple that is accountable to our ministry.  InSTEP ministries has also been involved in sending short-term mission teams where we have identified needs in relationship with native pastors.

Many people ask us, “What exactly do you do over there in Ukraine?”  Well, it may help to share what our recent activities have been.  We just returned from a twelve-day trip to Poland.  We taught a one-day course in a Bible school in one city, and then moved to another city to be with a pastor and church we have known for years.  There we provided a two- session seminar and spoke at a youth meeting.  During our few days there we sat and listened to ministry questions from the pastor and offered counsel.  We sat with him and his wife to hear what is happening in the family, and to pray with them.  We provide regular mentoring for the pastor’s son to encourage his leadership.  We also did some planning for a mission team to come and help build a small addition to the church building. Then we moved on to another city and another church that we have had a relationship with for years.  There we provided a two-day seminar, met with the mission couple we oversee, and had meetings with the pastor couple, as well as their son and wife.  We listened, counseled, and prayed with these as we do in each place.

After several days there, we traveled back to Ukraine.  That included a car to the airport, two airplane rides, a bus to the train station in Kiev, then the train to Poltava, and finally a taxi to our home.  After one night’s rest our schedule in Poltava began with some of our foreign students coming to see us, English Bible class, home group, and so on.

That is a true but not complete sample of what we do regularly.

By Darryl and Joyce Henson, Founders

Restoration of the Nations – Newsletter – June 2015

Restoration of the Nations is a non-profit ministry. I, Marta Estrada, am the founder and director.

Our mission is to reach and help young girls and women who have been abused or exploited to be restored to wholeness. We empower them to find freedom from their issues and to serve in their communities through programs of personal healing.

Our vision is to establish and partner with local and global ministries dedicated to transforming lives through God’s unconditional love.

This ministry was started in 1999 in Medellin, Colombia, with families that were displaced by the guerrillas; their children were vulnerable and at high risk to be forced into prostitution.  We have helped 130 families to protect their children; many have received Christ and have gone on to graduate from high school as well as technical school and college.

In 2012 I served as a volunteer at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tamar Center in Pattaya, Thailand.  My assignment was to reach the girls at the bars and present to them another way of living.  While serving in Pattaya, Thailand, the Holy Spirit poured his love into my heart to reach the lady boys.  My plans are to return to Thailand in 2015-16 to continue reaching, healing, and blessing these men by launching a new program through YWAM.

By Marta Estrada, Founder and Director


Ghana Initiative – Newsletter – June 2015

On April 3, 2015, the Ghana Initiative medical mission team departed from Immanuel Christian Fellowship (ICF), Manheim, PA, for Ghana, Africa.  This team, our second, consisted of 11 missionaries.  They were prepared to serve for nine days in the village of Pokrom Nsaba, located approximately 35 miles from the capital city of Accra.

The vision of Ghana Initiative (GI) is to see communities in Ghana transformed with the love and power of the Kingdom of God through ministries of compassion and grace.  GI ministries are focused on medical missions and winning souls for the Kingdom through spiritual discipleship.  The founder and Director of GI is Seth Pobee.  Seth is a member at ICF.  The Holy Spirit placed the vision for GI on Seth’s heart almost two years ago.

GI has been blessed to work hand-in-hand with Compassion International for translation services and logistics.  While in Ghana, our teams meet the medical needs of hundreds of people during each mission trip.

Our next mission trip will be in the summer of 2016.  Anyone interested in joining a GI team should visit our website at www.ghanainitiative.com or phone Troy Pfoutz at 717-664-4966 for details.

We are currently planning to build a base in Ghana and are seeking help and finances from those in the local building industry.  If you would like to support us in this area or join a building team to Ghana, please contact Troy.

By Troy Pfoutz, Administrative Director


Harvest Field Ministries – Newsletter – June 2015

Harvest Field Ministries (HFM) was founded in 2006 as an umbrella organization for small ministries within the Hopewell Network of Churches.

If you are a small ministry that is not incorporated or registered as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, you may benefit by being a HFM member.

Harvest Field Ministries will provide:

  • Financial accountability
  • Tax exempt receipts for your contributions
  • A website with a direct link to your ministry page
  • An e-mail account
  • A forum to interact with other ministries
  • Periodic ministry workshops

The vision of HFM is to offer financial services and encouragement to ministries which share the values of HFM.

The purpose of HFM is to:

  • Accept and disseminate contributions for member ministries
  • Provide the benefits of non-profit status for member ministries
  • Promote the recognition of Harvest Field Ministries Inc. as an organization of integrity
  • Provide a forum for members to come together for encouragement, support, and interaction with each other.

You can become involved in Harvest Field Ministries by becoming a member organization, praying for member organizations, or contributing financially.

For more information, or to make a contribution, contact:  Harvest Field Ministries, 565 Airport Road, New Holland, PA  17557