Regional Youth Rally Planned – Newsletter – October 2018

The Rally is an annual All-Night Regional Youth Event for middle school and high school students. It has two goals: 1) to bring Christian students together for connection and inspiration and 2) launch them into their schools and communities with the Gospel.

The Rally begins at Petra Church with games, prizes, entertainment, worship, and a message. Then students are transported to Spooky Nook – the largest indoor sports complex on the East Coast – to spend the night playing games, watching movies, and hanging out. After a long night of activity, everyone is hungry, so we conclude the event with breakfast at Shady Maple Smorgasbord.

We offer all of this for $50 per student. This is our second year doing The Rally, and we are excited to see what God is doing in our region with this event!

Follow us on Facebook @TheRallyAllNight and Instagram therally_anp.

For questions on how your church can get involved, please call Petra Student Ministries at 717-354-5394.

By Brian and Tracy Coles,

Petra Church

Student Ministry Pastors


Hopewell Network Summer Camps – Newsletter – October 2018

The Hopewell Summer Camps once again provided an outstanding time of fun and spiritual life for children and youth. In June, our Senior High camp saw 66 campers in attendance. In July, we reached 118 Junior Highers—a new camp attendance record! In August, 105 children filled the ranks.

The camp theme this year focused on “Hallowed Ground,” with Matthew 6:9 as our theme text: “May Your Name be kept holy.”


As has been the case for nearly three decades, we endeavored to impart to the young people meaty, biblically-sound doctrine. We desire that they have good solid teaching upon which they can have Holy Spirit encounters and experiences in response. And respond they did . . . via a plethora of speakers, they heard messages re: the cross, faith versus fear, praise: a weapon in spiritual warfare, the lack of access to God in the Old Testament versus free access to all via the blood of Christ, why bad things happen to God’s people, the four soils, and judgment day.


We were once again dumbfounded as we listened to the camper testimonies on the last day of camp as by one estimate 85 percent of the campers who shared said the teaching re: judgment day affected them the most! And these were children! One counselor told me later why he believed this was so: “Children want to know the truth and the future.”


The Spirit of the Lord always honors us with his deep, rich, sweet presence at those gatherings of God’s people where the truth is preached. The Lord Jesus Christ is the center of Camp. And this summer proved no different. Once again, not only did that small chapel, a.k.a., “Hemlock Hall,” become “Hallowed Ground,” but one counselor said the entire campground became this because of God’s manifest presence.

All of the above was interspersed with gobs of fun too . . . various activities and classes comprised of sports, ceramics, cartoon drawing, movie-making, Bible study methods and quizzing, horses, fishing, and boating, etc. An airplane dropping candy from the sky (piloted by a former camper) was a highlight. The Time Machine, out of which came “Pontius Pilate” in the two older camps and “Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen,” the discoverer of x-rays, in the kids camp, a “robot,” Bible games, puppets, costumed characters, etc. We indeed experienced “Heaven on Earth” in a very tangible way as we convened upon the hallowed ground of Tel Hai Camp.


By Michael “Guerty” Guertin, Hopewell Summer Camps

Pastoral Director


Short Term Mission Team in Thailand – Newsletter – October 2018

In mid-January, a team was formed to serve on a short-term missions trip to Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand. I was part of the team. God gave me a vision that said, “Go volunteer to Thailand.” I didn’t have the money, but I took my step of faith, applied to be part of the team, and saw God provide miraculously.

The team members were Jasmine Martin, Chase Glick, Marlin Fisher, Taylor Martin, and our leader, Ken Reinford. We had four basic training sessions for our trip which allowed us to get to know each other as a team.

On April 25, we flew to Thailand. We met City Lights church, which is made up of mostly youth; they’re amazing.  Listening to each testimony of these young people impacted us all.

For many of us it was the first time going on a missions to Asia; in fact, it was my first time going on missions. God spoke to us as a team in different ways: in dreams and the interpretation of those dreams, in discerning of spirits, etc.

We learned how to flow in the Holy Spirit together. And, personally, God confirmed a calling I have to Thailand. Just the fact that I was standing in Ubon Ratchathani was already a confirmation for me.

Right now I’m in Mexico City, where I live, and I’m praying and preparing myself at my church (AFC) for when God confirms the time for my return to missions to Thailand.

By Shanti Avendaño,                   age 19


Gary Buck, New Lead Pastor at Hopewell Elverson – Newsletter – October 2018

Once upon a time, there was a young man who raced wheelchairs, balancing on just two wheels, during Sunday services at Hopewell Christian Fellowship in Elverson. If anyone had told this young man that decades later, he would be Lead Pastor of the same church, he would have thought they were insane. But that is my story.

Growing up at Hopewell Elverson, I was privileged to have witnessed many of the highs and lows of the church. Now, in my early forties, I find myself in a place I never would have imagined, the Lead Pastor of Hopewell Elverson. It all seems surreal at times, but I have felt God’s peace through it all. I am grateful for the 13 years of working closely with Pastor Lester Zimmerman at Petra Church. He helped me see that being a pastor is all about loving God and loving people.

Hopewell has a unique and blessed heritage, and I don’t take that lightly. Hopewell Elverson, the original church, in the Hopewell Network, started in 1974. Recently Pastor Duane Britton finished a four-year role, and I became the next pastor.

In the first sermon I preached at Hopewell, I reminded all that in Isaiah 43, God spoke to the Israelites, telling them about all he had done in the past when he miraculously rescued them out of Egypt. But then a few verses later he says, “Do not remember the past events . . . Look, I am about to do something new.”

I don’t want to get stuck trying to relive the “good ol’ days.” I am trusting that God has something new and even higher in store for Hopewell. I am honored to be a part of it.

By Pastor Gary Buck,           Hopewell, Elverson


Immanuel Christian Fellowship Purchased Adjoining Property – Newsletter – October 2018

Immanuel Christian Fellowship (ICF), a Hopewell Network church located at 1050 Mount Joy Road, Manheim, PA is celebrating a new door of opportunity that opened to them on April 6. 2018. An almost one-acre lot and house adjoining ICF’s property to the west went up for auction as part of an estate settlement of a neighbor who lived next to the church during its entire tenure. Many from ICF had interaction with him over the years.


Though logically and in the natural it didn’t seem to make sense for ICF to acquire additional property at this time, there was a growing conviction among the leadership team and many at ICF that the Lord was prompting the church family to acquire this property in preparation for the next season he has in store for the church. So, ICF took steps to prepare for this possibility.


The day of the auction brought much excitement and some apprehension, but after the bidding stalled and the family removed the reserve, ICF was able to purchase the house and lot for under market value. An encouraging confirmation came when the daughters of the former neighbor came to us after the sale excited that ICF had gotten the property. One daughter, in tears of joy, said, “We are so glad you got the house; Dad always said he wanted the church to have the property when he was gone. We really believe God wanted ICF to have the property.”


So, what will ICF use the property for? In the near future it will provide additional safe recreational space for children as well as special church outreach events like the Community Ice Cream Social. It will also provide overflow parking for ICF’s annual “Father’s Heart” Conference and similar events. Longer term it will open up options for future building expansion.


At the time of purchase, the property was neglected, deteriorated, and overrun with years of stored items. Much of the junk has been steadily removed and the property cleaned up. After much consideration, the only wise step appears to be the eventual removal of the deteriorating house. While at first this was discouraging, ICF now sees it as a symbol that ICF will be used to enter people’s lives to clean out the accumulated debris of the past and demolish works of the enemy to make way for God to do new and exciting things in their lives as they come to know the one who created them and loves them deeply.


As ICF finishes 2018 and heads into 2019, there is expectancy that God is opening doors for ICF to have impact in the Sporting Hill community in which the church is located. This property purchase is a sign in the natural realm that God is giving ICF open doors into the community to influence the spiritual atmosphere and bring new life and hope to those around us.


By Pastor Paul Blank, Immanuel Christian Fellowship


Dove Hopewell Leadership Ministry School – Newsletter – October 2018

The DOVE Leadership and Ministry School has been training leaders for more than 20 years. Over the last seven years, it has been run in partnership with the Hopewell Network of Churches. Pastor Lester Zimmerman recently pointed out that the Hopewell Network has utilized the teachings of Larry Kreider and DOVE since the beginning to establish healthy leadership and ministries.


Hundreds of graduates are now successfully engaged in the church and marketplace. This school provides practical biblical training as well as Holy Spirit impartation and activation. The goal is to help students build a biblical foundation, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and to pursue their God-given dreams. This is not just training leaders to fill current positions in the church, but empowering people for ministry in all walks of life and creatively extending the influence of the Kingdom of God.


The school meets at Petra for nine months on the second weekend of each month. Students attend the weekend workshops and complete practical assignments in their own ministry contexts. Each school is broadcast via internet, so churches can host their own school. Satellite schools consist of five or more students who watch the teachings live, participate by texting questions, and pray for and minister to each other.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in ministry in your church, in your community, or around the world, sign up for the DOVE Hopewell Leadership and Ministry School. Or, to find out how you can start a school at your church, contact


By Pastor Joel Kolb,               Hopewell, Telford


Fall Conference Theme and Speakers – Newsletter – May 2018

We are looking forward to our annual fall conference on October 12, 2018. This conference is open to everyone, but you do need to register.

Our theme this year is “Growing Leaders.” Our speakers will be Mike Cavanaugh and Jared Ruddy. The conference will be hosted by Petra Church in New Holland, PA.

Mike Cavanaugh currently serves as President of Elim Bible Institute and College in Lima, NY. He previously served for 20 years as the founding and Senior Pastor of Elim Gospel Church, and as Vice-President of Elim Fellowship.

Mike is the founder of BASIC, a local church-based ministry to college students, and Mobilized to Serve, a ministry to single adults. He has earned degrees from Roberts Wesleyan College (BS) and Bakke Graduate University (Master of Theological Studies).

A motivating speaker known for his clarity, humor, and use of illustration, Mike has traveled extensively in the U.S. and overseas. Due to his broad leadership experience and heart to equip church leaders, Mike finds himself invited often to speak at pastors’ and leadership events. He and his wife, Terri, reside in Lima, NY.

Jared Ruddy is known for his passion, humor, and unique communication style. He travels nationally and internationally, but most recently he, his wife Erin, and their son Landon transitioned to Rochester, NY, to be the Lead Pastor at Elim Gospel Church, a dynamic congregation of nearly 1,000 in Lima, NY.

Jared is author of A New Normal: Unleashing the Power of Christ in You. At the core of Jared’s ministry is his desire to see people discover the power of the Holy Spirit at work within them so they can be a part of transforming their world with God’s power and love.

We are looking forward to a great conference! I hope you can join us.

Check the Hopewell Network website closer to the date for registration information.

By Pastor Lester Zimmerman



Wedding Dresses, Happy Couples, Kingdom Love Extended – Newsletter – May 2018

Pastor Lesly Bertrand, Apostolic Overseer of the Grace Assemblies Churches in Haiti, extends his sincere thanks for all the wedding dresses which the Hopewell Network collected and shipped to aid them in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Many couples in Haiti do not have the resources for a wedding dress and are therefore unable to get married.  The wedding dresses, which were distributed among the various churches, have been a great blessing to reach the people with the love of God and to strengthen the family units.

From February 9-14, 2018, the Grace Assemblies Ladies Missionary Group went to St. Jean du Sud, in the southern part of Haiti, for an outreach missions trip to evangelize and support the churches which were devastated in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew.  Through their evangelistic outreach they saw 15 people commit their lives to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and 12 of them were baptized in water in the name of the Lord.

Because of the donations of the wedding dresses from the Hopewell Network, the Ladies Missionary Group had the opportunity to plan a wedding ceremony for five couples who previously were living together without being married.

The wedding dresses continue to have a far-reaching impact as couples are joined together in the covenant of marriage in Christ with much joy and celebration! Thank you for sowing good seed into good soil for a good harvest in Haiti!

By Pastor Anita Malizzi, Hopewell Christian, Telford


Installation of Apostolic Team in India – Newsletter – May 2018

An apostolic team was set in place for the Rays of Peace Network at their annual Pastors’ Conference in February. The Apostolic Team is led by Mark Jayakumar and includes their three regional apostles.

Like Mark Jayakumar, the three regional apostles are also pastors. All three have great servant hearts and have given leadership in their regions of Rays of Peace for many years.

Kanakaraj Jayakumar is the apostolic leader in the Chennai region. Kanakaraj is a church planter who had been employed by World Vision. Kanakaraj and his wife Glory also lead a children’s home. Kanakaraj and Glory are high-level intercessors.

David Rudrappa is the apostolic leader in the North Karnataka region. David is a church planter and the pastor of two churches. The North Karnataka region is extremely resistant to the gospel and the pastors have paid a great price for preaching the gospel. David never had the opportunity to go to school but is strong in the Word and God’s anointing.

Sushil Kumar Khora is the apostolic leader in the State of Orissa. Sushil is a church planter and he and his wife lead the children’s home of the orphans of martyred Christians (from the tragedy in 2008).

Mark Jayakumar continues to give oversight to the ministries in the Bangalore area in addition to giving leadership to the network.

By Pastor Allan Yoder, Good Shepherd Community


Strategic Next Steps in Thailand – Newsletter – May 2018

Nearly 13 years ago, the Hopewell Network leaders discerned God’s call to missions among the Isaan people, Thailand’s second-largest unreached people group. The vision God gave was to plant multiple, reproducing fellowships of believers among the Isaan people, leading to a church planting movement throughout Thailand and surrounding nations.

Over the past four years, we have seen God’s Spirit drawing Isaan people to himself at CityLights Church, Hopewell’s first church plant in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. As we look ahead to the vision God has set before us, we recognize that we will need to register a Thailand foundation (nonprofit organization) to grant legal status with the Thai government that is needed for the ongoing development and expansion of the ministry.

Having our own foundation in Thailand will enable us to own property, issue visa work permits for Hopewell missionaries, receive donations in Thailand, hire staff, establish various ministries/ organizations under the foundation, and open branch offices throughout Thailand—all for the purpose of reaching more Isaan people with the Gospel. In recent months, we met with a Christian attorney in Thailand to explore the process of registering a Hopewell Thailand Foundation. The registration process will likely take a year or more to complete.

Would you like to be part of this strategic, next step in the development of Hopewell’s ministry in Thailand?

Please join us in praying:

  • For God’s leading in the selection of the right Thai board members for the foundation.
  • For financial provision of the $10,000 USD needed to complete the registration process.
  • For God’s favor with Thai government officials responsible for approving the registration.

To contribute toward this need, send contributions earmarked “Hopewell Thailand Foundation” payable to:

Hopewell Network

565 Airport Rd.

New Holland, PA 17557

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director