Wedding Gowns for Haiti – Newsletter – May 2017

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.
Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.
Rev 19:7-8

We, as followers of Jesus Christ, are anticipating the joy of that day when we stand before him as his bride. We’ll be dressed in radiant white garments of righteousness, purchased for us by our Bridegroom himself!

There are many young couples in Haiti who are longing for the day when they can happily say we’re “Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get ma-a-arried.” But unfortunately, that day is far off for many, because the brides can’t afford to buy a wedding dress! The Hopewell Network has come up with a creative way to help!

We have an opportunity to provide wedding gowns for brides in Haiti who are unable to purchase gowns for themselves, and at the same time provide an income stream for the Grace Assemblies Churches! What an awesome idea!

The custom of renting wedding gowns is common in Haiti. The Hopewell Network is undertaking a creative mission to collect and ship used wedding gowns to the Grace Assemblies, which can then rent them out to benefit brides and help provide much-needed income for the churches.

There are many wedding gowns in our communities that can be gathered to bless those less fortunate in Haiti. Some women would be delighted to part with their gowns for a good cause, others not so much. But all women (men included) could be on the lookout for gowns in thrift shops or elsewhere. Perhaps your local bridal shop might be willing to donate a gown or two. You may want to take this issue of Streams Newsletter to help explain our creative mission project.

Let’s get the word out! Let your friends, family, and those in your congregation know that wedding gowns should be brought to the local Hopewell Network churches by June 11. The gowns will then be packaged and shipped to Haiti. We will also be collecting funds to cover the cost of shipping. Thanks for helping us spread the vision and run with it for the glory of God’s kingdom!

By Anita Malizzi,

Hopewell, Telford


Harvest Time in Thailand – Newsletter – May 2017

God continues to bring in the harvest among the Isaan people of Thailand! In the past year, more than a dozen new believers have been baptized at

CityLights Church, Hopewell’s church plant in Thailand, and God’s Spirit is at work in significant ways bringing growth and transformation in the lives of some of the new believers.

Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director, and Scott Hurst, Petra Church’s Prayer Ministry Director, traveled to Thailand in February and launched the first in a series of CityLights’ school of ministry trainings for those hungry to grow in their faith and walk with God. Eight potential/emerging leaders participated in that training, focused on the Ministry and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We praise God that Sarah Eby, from Petra Church, has responded to God’s call to a one-year assignment to assist Nacho & Merrilee Barrera with the homeschooling of their children. She is in the midst of training and support-raising, with the goal of departure for Thailand this summer.

We would love to talk with you about ways that God can use you to impact the Isaan people for eternity!

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or

More workers are needed for this harvest field. How is God calling you to be involved?

  • Additional prayer and financial partners are needed.
  • There are opportunities for short-term mission involvements. A team of young adults went to Thailand from April 26 – May 6 to assist with CityLights’ youth camp outreach. We anticipate sending more short-term teams in the coming year(s) to assist with various aspects of CityLights’ ministry.
  • We also are looking for persons to join the long-term church planting team to:
  • Assist with leadership training/coaching
  • Use a profession, such as teaching English, as a means of service and outreach
  • Serve in other support roles

Contact Dwane at 717-354-5394 or

By Dwane Reitz, Hopewell Asia Missions Director


New Church Plant in Lancaster City – Newsletter – May 2017

Last year, Pastors Mario and Jeanette Araya, who were leading the Petra Hispanic Ministry, started sensing the nudging of the Holy Spirit to begin a church plant for the Hispanic community in the Lancaster City area.  After several months of prayer, discernment, and research, they decided to launch their first service early November in the west side of Lancaster City. They are blessed to receive the support of an English-speaking church at 1899 Marietta Avenue in Lancaster, who offered their facilities on Sundays at 3 p.m. Pastor Mario is serving as a part-time Spanish speaking chaplain at a local business, which is giving him an open door for ministry.

The new church plant has started off with a lot of support and enthusiasm for those who are interested in the Hopewell vision and values. They named the church Iglesia PASION, an acronym for: Perdonados para Amar, Servir, Instruir y Orar por las Naciones (forgiven to love, to serve, to instruct, and to pray for the nations). Their mission statement is “Una Iglesia con Propósito de Reino,” (A church with the purpose for the Kingdom). They continue to experience consistent attendance and support in this area of Lancaster.

I encourage us all to pray for this new outreach. May many come into Christ’s freedom and may they experience community.

By Ken Reinford

2017 Hopewell Summer Camps – Newsletter – May 2017

The school year will soon be coming to an end and Hopewell Summer Camps are just around the corner! This year’s theme is Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Remember . . . your creator in the days of your youth.”

The Hopewell Summer Camps are led by Pastoral Director Michael “Guerty” Guertin, who has been running the camps since 1991. Guerty, a true lover of God, also has a deep love for youth and a passion for bringing the Bible to life through drama. Thousands of youths’ lives have been transformed by meeting God in this exciting, fun-filled environment.

There are three unique camps held each summer, and each camp is tailored to a specific age group.

This year’s dates are:

  • Senior High Camp – June 26-30
  • Junior High Camp – July 17-21
  • Kids Camp – August 14-18

Each day of camp consists of morning and afternoon activities, morning and evening chapels, three meals a day, as well as pool and free time spent with their cabin mates and a counselor. Camp is a great opportunity to meet new people and develop life-changing friendships.

There are many diverse activities for each camper’s interest and enjoyment, which they can choose on the registration form. The challenge course with zip line is a favorite, along with horses, climbing wall, sports, and boating. There are a lot of opportunities for creative expression, including drama, ceramics, cartoon drawing, and movie making.

Guerty’s dramatic presentations of the Gospel make the Word of God come to life and leave a lasting impression. Chapel is always a highlight of camp. One camper reflected that, “I think chapel really showed me how to connect with God . . . you can just lay on the floor and pray and meet with God . . . it’s awesome!”

There is no deadline for registering; however applications will only be accepted until camp is full. Activities selected are on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to get your camp applications in as soon as possible. There is also some scholarship money available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is an early registration discount.

To register, go online at —you will also find more information here. Remember, NOW is the perfect time to register your children for Hopewell Summer Camps! All youth are welcome!

By Anita Malizzi, Hopewell, Telford


Haiti Hurricane – Newsletter – November 2016

Haiti experienced severe devastation from Hurricane Matthew that blew over the island. The south, where there are several Grace Assembly churches under the Hopewell Network, were hit especially hard. Apostle Lesly Bertrand reports that two church buildings in St. Jean were completely destroyed, as well as the pastors’ houses. Six of their church members died in the hurricane. Eighty percent of the houses in St. Jean are destroyed, with over 900 losing their lives from the hurricane.

Please pray for the churches in Haiti. If you would like to give financially to this need, you can send the funds to Hopewell Christian Fellowship, 601 Hunsicker Rd. Telford, PA 18969. Or contact them at

The main church in Bellanton is still being rebuilt from the earthquake and needs funds to complete the roof. This is an urgent need, as they are still meeting under a tarp under the trees in the heat and mud. You can send the funds to the same address and earmark them for the Bellanton Church Roof.

By Pastor Lester Zimmerman


Pastor to Pastor Ministries, Stoltzfus and Shantz – Newsletter – November 2016

We have two amazing couples who now travel throughout our Hopewell Network visiting and encouraging the churches and leaders. They are Johnny and Lilly Stoltzfus and John and Sandra Shantz. Their past successful experiences as pastors gives them a unique perspective and ability in encouraging other pastors.

John and Lilly have served in a number of interim church pastor roles over the years. John and Sandra have served as church planters, most recently as pastors of Spring City Church for 35 years. Both know well the powerful history and revival that launched the Hopewell Network as a movement of God in the early 1970s.

They have been appointed by the Hopewell Network Apostolic Team to serve as our “Pastors to the Pastors” in our network of churches. They have been assigned to visit the stateside churches as our ambassadors, helping to foster relationships and keeping us all connected.

They are like Barnabas in the book of Acts. He would travel to the churches encouraging the people and strengthening the leaders. Barnabas means “son of encouragement.” This describes these two delightful and experienced couples. They bring refreshment and encouragement to the churches.

When they show up at your church, give them a warm welcome and know that they come representing the heart and leadership of the Network and of the brothers and sisters of the other churches in our Hopewell Network family.

By Pastor Lester Zimmerman


Terry Bates’ Report, Positioning Your Church – Newsletter – November 2016

This year the Hopewell Network churches had a new opportunity to participate in and evaluate their current church vision, ministries, and effectiveness with the help of a seasoned church consultant named Terry Bates.

We have been praying for the Hopewell Churches to have a greater impact in receiving the harvest that Jesus spoke about in John 4:35 in the geographic areas where God has planted them. This requires, from time to time, evaluating how things are going. This evaluation process with Terry Bates was called “Positioning Your Church.” The first part of this evaluation process was a seminar with Terry on April 30 to help pastors recognize what areas to evaluate and how to view them. One hundred and three people participated from eight churches.

The second step was to collect data by completing a detailed questionnaire for six of the churches and to have a site visit by Terry at each church. He has been formulating the final detailed reports for these churches to provide the important insights and areas to increase effectiveness, impact our areas and as a result grow and receive the harvest that Jesus spoke about. The highly- anticipated reports for these churches will to be released imminently. Church leaders will be busy, over the next three months, developing their Implementation Plan with their teams. May the Lord Jesus increase the harvest in all our churches.

By Pastor Curt Malizzi


Patrick Thuo Wedding – Newsletter – November 2016

Patrick Thuo, apostolic leader of the Hopewell Network in Kenya, and Nancy Gichuki were married on September 3. The ceremony was festive, with many friends and relatives in attendance.


Lester and Erma Zimmerman and Allan and Rebeca Yoder, representing the Hopewell Network leadership, joined in the celebration.


Nancy is originally from Kenya. She has lived for more than 20 years in the Baltimore area. She recently retired and moved to Nakuru, Kenya. Nancy plans to establish a kidney dialysis clinic in Nakuru.


Patrick, together with Nancy, will continue to lead the Lord’s Sanctuary Network in Kenya as well as the Cornerstone Academy and Cornerstone Church in Nakuru.


By Pastor Allan Yoder


Hopewell Network Leadership Conference – Newsletter – May 2016

Our fall Hopewell Network Leaders’ Conference is getting a makeover this year. Instead of a two-day conference, we will be doing a full one-day conference on Thursday, October 13. We are streamlining the schedule with two sessions in the morning, two in the afternoon, and a final session in the evening.


We will still have the Wednesday- evening banquet before the conference for Hopewell Network pastors and leaders.


The theme of our conference is “Activating Our Full Potential.” We will be having two main speakers this year who will lead the teaching times. We are bringing back Pastor Marc Estes from Oregon and we will also be hosting Pastor Mike Servello from New York State.


We are looking forward to a great conference again this year. The conference is open to everyone. Put this date on your calendar and plan on coming and being blessed.

Check the Hopewell Network website closer to the date for registration information.

Marc Estes serves as Executive Pastor at City Bible Church, a multi-site church in Portland, Oregon.


Several years ago at our conference, Marc brought great encouragement and impartation. Marc shares from an evangelistic heart and is involved in reaching his own community as part of the pastoral team at his local church.


Mike Servello is the founding pastor of Redeemer Church, a growing church with four campuses. Mike is also the founder and president of Compassion Coalition, a ministry that provides for the needs of people throughout upstate New York and around the world. He also serves as vice chairman on the apostolic team of Ministers Fellowship International.


Mike is a pastor of pastors and travels nationally and internationally strengthening local churches and helping equip the body of Christ.


By Lester Zimmerman,

Hopewell Network

Apostolic Leader


Regional Cleansing Stream Event – Newsletter – 2016

Cleansing Stream International is a very effective cleansing and healing ministry under the covering of the Cleansing Stream Ministries Board and Dr. Jack Hayford. Petra started with Cleansing Stream in 1999 and God has used it to bring freedom and deliverance to many in our congregation and in other churches that have joined us.

There are two parts to Cleansing Stream. The first part is the basic seminar which meets weekly for six weeks at the local church. Each meeting includes worship, teaching, and small group interaction. We have found that any Christian can benefit from taking Cleansing Stream as the Holy Spirit ministers these teachings to their level of maturity.


The second part is called The Event and takes place right after the Entering the Cleansing Stream teaching. It is a full day of intense worship, short teachings, and lots of one-on-one ministry. Participants receive much freedom and deliverance. It ends with testimonies and a joyous worship celebration.


Previously, we had to travel to the Regional Event in Pittsburgh, PA. But in 2006, Petra was released to do a local “area retreat.” The Lord continued to grow and build the ministry team.


This spring, Petra will be hosting our first Regional Event, which covers the Northeast section of the country. Chris Hayward, President of Cleansing Stream International, will be coming from California to be our retreat leader. Other Cleansing Stream churches will be assisting us. We are excited to see what God will do here at Petra on May 7 at our first Regional Event.


If you are a senior pastor, you are invited to observe the Cleansing Stream Event free of charge. Contact Lisa Hurst at 717-354-5394 or


By Geri Fisher,

Lifespring Director, Petra Church