Church Planting

We encourage various types of church planting and styles. Large churches, smaller community churches, and house churches.

We provide church planter assessments and tools to help you plant a church.
Contact Pastor Lester Zimmerman or Pastor Curt Malizzi if you have interest in planting a church.  

Start now!
  • Write an email with your heart's vision to either Pastor Lester or Pastor Curt
  • Let us know what geographical location across the world you would like to plant churches
  • Let us know what training you have
  • Attend the DOVE Global Leadership and Ministry School - in partnership with the Hopewell Network
  • Meet with Pastor Lester for an initial discussion of your vision
  • Develop a Church Planting Vision plan
  • House Church Values and Guidelines

We can help you!

Other ways to learn and grow:
  • Attend our October Fall Conference at Petra Church
  • Read the book of the Hopewell Story – Handprint of God
  • Familiarize yourself with the Hopewell Network Manual
  • Attend a Hopewell Network Tuesday Pastors meeting at Petra Church
  • Read books on church planting
  • Meet with a church planter and learn what is involved