We Were Made for This - by Lester Zimmerman

I hear a lot of mumbling and grumbling in the ranks of the saints these days. I have done my share as well. Covid challenges, mask wars, government overreach, social unrest, election year politics, and gloom and doom prophets. Leaders are carrying a huge stress load and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and just plain tired.

I recently felt faith rise up in me when I heard someone boldly declare; “We were made for this!” It stirred some fire in my spirit. Yes! We are not victims to whatever is happening around us. This is our hour to shine as leaders! It’s time to boldly lead your church and ministry into the future. Sure, this will probably require doing some things differently and thinking differently about how to do church in the future. But God is for us and with us. He has not given us a spirit of fear. People desperately need a leader with some vision to give them hope in this hour. Don’t be intimidated – LEAD ON! You were made for this!

This reminds me of what Mordecai said to Queen Esther. “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 NKJV

Who knows whether God has put you in your position of leadership for this exact time in human history to make a difference? He has created you and called you to lead boldly in the middle of all the uncertainties and fears of a pandemic and social unrest. God has set you into your role at this time because he knows you can bring faith and hope to your people and region.

I like what Tony Evans says:
“He’s placed you where you are because you are in the midst of a battle; a war. You are in the midst of a seismic conflict involving Good versus Evil. To miss your kingdom assignment because you have become too caught up in your personal kingdom itself is the greatest tragedy you could ever face. An entire nation was grateful for how Esther responded to Mordecai’s rebuke. Their lives were spared. How many can be spared in the culture where we live today when we choose to step up to service, even if it involves sacrifice?

We can’t simply stay in a crisis management mode forever. We need to step out and lead!
I am so aware that people take their cues from their leaders. If we are faith filled, positive, and encouraging, our people will be encouraged to be the same in their homes, jobs, and schools.
A great leader always sees possibilities and is able to envision the future. There are great things ahead. You were made for great things. You were made for this!




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