What Holds You Back? - by Pastor Allan

There are many things that hold us back from God’s best for our lives. From serving God with confidence. Or worshipping God more freely. Or taking that step that you know God has for you . . . 

Jesus met a man who struggled with stuff in his life and tried hard to control his image. That is a recipe for holding back from God’s best!

The man had a question (Matthew 19:16). What must he do to have eternal life? Jesus answered with a list from the commandments. But the man responded that he had kept those commandments. Jesus challenged him to sell his possessions and follow him. That made the man extremely sad because he had many possessions! He just couldn’t take that step!

Here is the reality check:  we are all hooked to something that holds us back from God’s best in our lives!

It’s always a choice! To stay hooked to what is holding us back or break free and pursue God’s best for our lives!

Four factors that hold us back from taking that step that we know we should take for God’s best in our lives are: fear, frustration, fatigue, and failure. These are not sin (breaking commandments). But those are factors in our lives that hold us back so that we just can’t take that step.

Don’t wait until there is a crisis or you feel you have no other options.

Remember that God will see you through!

When you go through deep waters and great troubles, I will be with you,... you won't drown! When you walk through the fires of oppression, you won't be burned up (Isaiah 43:2-3 - TLB).




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