What's Next - by Curt Malizzi

2020 has been an extremely interesting and incredibly challenging year. First with government impeachment hearings, then COVID-19, now the polarizing Presidential election. . . impacting “the church” across America. What should we look for ahead? As leaders in our churches and communities, people look up to pastors; Spirit-filled pastors, you are positioned to hear the voice of the Lord and the Holy Spirit even better than others. You can be like the sons of Issachar who knew the times and what to do.

So, what is next? First, no matter who is elected, Jesus Christ is still Lord and King. Secondly, God is shaking the worldly church in America and worldwide to awaken his believing church to be the power-filled church of the scriptures. Third, God always has a plan and a process ahead of what the enemy may seem to be doing.

The number one thing is to stay in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus and the power of his Holy Spirit. Take extended times for personal prayer. Jesus will draw you closer and give you the wisdom of heaven.

God is calling his pastors to be like Joshua--be strong and of good courage. God is looking for every pastor who will be a leader in their community. We pastors have always had a strong voice in society from the Revolutionary War and the Great Awakening and then the Second Great Awakening until the Johnson Amendment muzzled the church pastors. One thing this President has done is to put that rule in abeyance. While some care is needed in the church, the pastors, however, can speak anything that they want to outside of the church. Pastors need to speak up in all kinds of social media and public settings. Be a leader for Jesus. Let’s not cower or maintain, but let’s pioneer together in the Hopewell Network.




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