What Time is It - by Curt Malizzi

Keeping proper track of time is a daily activity that goes back to ancient times. Today there are so many ways for a person to keep track of time.
Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other devices, have an internal clock that keeps ticking merrily on as long as there is a bit of battery or other electrical power available. When the device is turned on without connection to internet or telephone networks, the device will use time from the internal clock. When external time reference is available, the device will synchronize its internal clock to it, if defined in the settings.

Your brain has an impressively accurate internal clock which allows us to detect the passage of time, a skill essential for many critical daily functions. Without the ability to track elapsed time with our brain, our morning shower could continue indefinitely. Without that nagging feeling to remind us we’ve been driving too long; we might easily miss our exit.

Is there perhaps a spiritual clock too. Jesus said we would know the time of his return by world events Matt 24 and 25. Most of those world events leading up to his return are now in place. Let’s awaken the believers to be prepared for his return. Romans 13:11




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