Be Refreshed - by Lester Zimmerman

Summertime is typically the time for vacations. Kids are out of school and summer is a great time for outdoor activities with the family. But sometimes the packing, unpacking and activities with the kids leave us exhausted instead of refreshed. Sometimes we need a vacation from the vacation.

I want to encourage each of us to take time to unplug. It doesn’t need to be a week or two week summer vacation. In fact, sometimes it is just a day away by ourselves to be quiet or doing something that relaxes and refreshes us. We all need time to refresh, clear our mind, and allow God to breathe new life into us.

I hope you are able to prioritize some time to be refreshed. It affects not just you but the people around you as well. A refreshed leaders refreshes others. A healthy leader produces health in others.

So, for now, I'm sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away and being refreshed by God’s handiwork.




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